S8 Dahme-Körbaer Pond

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Particularly wheelchair-friendly

Towns and villages connected by the path

Dahme, Körba Pond recreation area

Places of interest

Medieval town centre, castle ruins and animal park in Dahme/Mark


Dahme/Mark open air pool, Körba Pond bathing area

Recommended car parks

Dahme/Mark "Sportwelt" sports centre

Dahme/Mark-Körba Pond Recreation Area

Start your tour at the ‘Sportwelt’ sports centre in Dahme/Mark. Follow the asphalt track through the castle park, past the little zoological garden and the romantic castle ruins. The path continues along the old town wall, circling the bird tower, to where the Flaeming-Skate branches off in the direction of Tränkestraße. Follow the asphalt track and you will have soon left the little town with its romantic old town centre behind you.


The path now leads you through the woods to the Körba Pond recreation area, where you can go swimming, boating or go for a walk and get a bite to eat at the campsite bistro.


However, it's also worth looking in on Dahme/Mark itself. The beautiful timber-framed houses and little shops in the town centre, the English style castle park and traditions such as the annual potters' market are well worth a visit. The residents of Dahme have made a point of making their region accessible to the disabled. As well as a barrier-free town centre circuit, there is also a large hotel which offers rooms suitable for wheelchair users.

Homepage of Dahme/Mark

Map of Dahme/Mark city centre

Track data

4,7 km
2 m