Winter fun

cross-country ski runs
Flaeming-Skate is not only a summer destination.
Depending on the snow conditions, of course you can go cross-country skiing on all Flaeming-Skate. Be aware, that some parts of the track are partially cleaned from snow and ice in order to guarantee a safe way to school. Nevertheless, in this case the Teltow-Flaeming District Administration tries to keep the track covered by snow on a width of 1 metre.

If there is enough snow you can use specially prepared cross-country ski runs on the Flaeming-Skate:


  • between Skate-Arena und road B 101 (ca. 500 m)
  • from B 101 direction Werder, Markendorf, Fröhden and Schlenzer up to Wahlsdorf
  • between Werder and Kolzenburg
  • on RK 2 circuit
  • from Fröhden to Bochow.

Track data

45,3 km
3 m