Conversion and Culture

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Parts of the path run along the B 102 and are therefore not so conveniently located

Places of interest

Former military area around Altes Lager, including the flying school and Albrecht shelter, DAS HAUS cultural centre and theatre 89

Sports and adventure parks

Altes Lager:

go-karting track

DAS HAUS cultural centre

Rail connections

Altes LagerVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)
Follow the signposting to the Flaeming-Skate.

Recommended car parks

Altes Lager

 culture centre DAS HAUS

Altes Lager circuit – where the army used to call the tune

Are you looking for something interesting and unusual? Would you like to skate where once only a select few were allowed to set foot, fenced off from the rest of the world? Then you should skate over the former military estate around Altes Lager. A large part of the track passes through the area which was restricted to military personnel for decades.


Start your tour for example at the cultural centre DAS HAUS in Altes Lager. You can pick up material from the Flaeming-Skate Info Point and then get onto the path. You should make a pit stop at the go-kart track in Altes Lager and experience the thrill of the race. Not far from there, at the “Albrecht” shelter, you can see how a residential house has been created from a former MIG 23 shelter. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the surrounding villages. There’s lots to discover there as well!

Track data

10,4 km
2-3 m