Circuit RK 5

Map Circuit RK 5


Easy to difficult


Uphill and downhill slopes near Schlenzer, Ließen, Petkus, Wahlsdorf

Towns and villages connected by the path

Luckenwalde, Kolzenburg, Neuhof, Werder, Markendorf, Fröhden, Wahlsdorf, Petkus, Ließen, Holbeck, Jänickendorf

Places of interest

Luckenwalde district town, windmills in Wahlsdorf and Petkus

Sports and adventure parks

Fläming Hall


Interlinking cycle paths suitable for skating (2 m wide)

Holbeck - Stülpe - Baruth - Glashütte - Friedrichshof (access to the Gurken-Radweg (gherkin cycle path), through roads not always suitable for skating) Between Holbeck and Jänickendorf turn-off to Gottow, cycle path from there to Luckenwalde

Recommended car parks


 Teichwiesenweg/Elsthal, Parkhaus Am Nuthefließ car park




 entry road


 on the main 115


 Open air pool


 Sports ground


 At the restaurant „Zum kühlen Grunde"


 At the restaurant „Zu den Eichen"

Circuit RK 5 – Half a hundred – full of fun!

You know the RK 4 marathon circuit inside out, but you don’t quite have the confidence for the almost 100 kilometre RK 1? Even so, you don't have to let boredom take over: The RK 5 is beckoning you! Its entire 52 kilometre length is covered in 3 metre wide smooth asphalt and has many diversions along the way.


You'll find long straight sections here too, where beginner skaters and those with young children easily find their feet. More skilled skaters are in their element up and down the hills between Wahlsdorf, Petkus and Ließen - provided they have skating experience and appropriate safety gear.


You'll find everything the tourist heart desires in the towns and villages along the RK 5 circuit: There are cosy restaurants, quaint beer gardens and accommodation to suit every purse, as well as places you can hire skates and bikes or get them repaired.


What is there to see? If you're arriving in Luckenwalde by train, take the little detour via the market place and pedestrian precinct to the starting point at the District Council Offices. The market tower, St Mary's church and the local history museum give you a glimpse of what Luckenwalde looked like in the Middle Ages. On a second glance you discover the numerous art nouveau buildings, bearing witness to the town's former wealth, hardly more than 100 years ago. You can take part in traditional festivals in the villages along the way, discover the simple beauty of the village churches, and taste or take away a few Flaeming specialities!

Track data

50,550 km
3 m