Flaeming-Skate - the project

Skate and cycle on the finest asphalt. Take a break amongst the trees or at one of many pleasant restaurants along the way. Discover new sights and retrace history. You can do all this and lots more along the Flaeming-Skate, in Europe's skating region just south of Berlin. The three metre wide track and additional two metre wide cycle path lead you through Lower Flaeming and the Baruth glacial valley, altogether adding up to around 230 kilometres. Sleepy little villages, venerable old stone churches and historical windmills line the path along with other reminders of ancient as well as more contemporary history. Interesting landmarks, sports and leisure centres complete what's on offer.

The RK1 circuit (94.59 km in length) is the heart of the Flaeming-Skate, taking you along easy as well as more challenging sections of track, through the Lower Flaeming countryside and past the towns of Jüterbog and Luckenwalde. Skating seems effortless along the wonderfully smooth asphalt – although it's a good idea to know how to brake properly and to wear the right protective gear and helmet. It's worth taking a break now and again along the way - Not only are there numerous inviting rest areas, but the towns and villages along the way have lots to offer, from skate hire, beer gardens, hotels and guest houses to craft shops and antique markets.

At times you'll glimpse the reflection of the sun sparkling on a lake through the trees, and you can take a refreshing dip at one of the bathing areas. You’ll also come across many historical monuments on your tour. The district town of Luckenwalde and the medieval walled town of Jüterbog are eye-catching, as is the former military airfield at Altes Lager, near Niedergörsdorf. The museum of poets Bettina and Achim von Arnim at Wiepersdorf Manor and the many windmills situated directly alongside the Flaeming-Skate are also well worth a visit.

Beginners have no trouble finding their feet on the Kolzburg RK2 circuit (12 km in length) near Luckenwalde. The route is easily manageable, as there are no noticeable changes in gradient. Locally, you'll not only find good food and a bed for the night, but you can also hire inline skates and bikes or take a beginner's skating course. It's not far from Kolzburg to Luckenwalde's open-air swimming pool or the Flaeming-Therme water park.

The RK3 circuit from Jüterbog via Neuheim and Grüna to Kloster Zinna provides you with an unforgettable 11 kilometre skating experience, not to mention local culture and history. The medieval town centre of Jüterbog and the Cistercian monastery and weaving museum in Kloster Zinna are well worth a visit. The Jüterbog Skate Arena is situated right next to the Flaeming-Skate, where competitive skaters are in their element. Skating aficionados rate this as the most state-of-the-art sports venue of its type in Germany. This is where the European speed skating championships were held in 2005.

Competitive skaters feel right at home on the RK4, which was completed in the middle of 2005. The course is situated directly next to the Jüterbog Skate Arena and is therefore particularly suitable for endurance or marathon training. The 43 kilometre long track through fields and woods will surprise you with its impressive scenery.

A new section of track takes you from Fröhden via Schlenzer to Wahlsdorf, splitting the RK1 circuit into the two shorter RK5 (50 km in length) and RK6 (49 km in length) circuits and offering an alternative to the longer route. The field and tree-lined path takes you up a hill towards Schlenzer - a small challenge for skaters.

Along an ancillary track, which is "only" 2 metres wide, you can reach Glashütte, near Baruth, where a living museum village has evolved in recent years – including a café, hotel, bike and skate hire. Over the next few years, paths through the neighbouring villages are also due to be converted into skating tracks.

The Flaeming-Skate provides the perfect conditions for day trips, weekends away, or longer cycling or inline-skating holidays. It's not only people from Berlin or Brandenburg who appreciate spending their free time actively in the open countryside. The Flaeming-Skate has also found many fans throughout Germany and Europe. The band of enthusiasts is growing daily. The high demand has justified the continuation of this tourism project, unique in Europe, and further extension of the network with new circuits will be opened in April 2012.