In 2008 we were finally able to get wheels and rollers going on the Fröhden-Schlenzer-Wahlsdorf section, which crosses the RK1 circuit from west to east. Now you can ride or skate along the north or south route, each with a length of about 50 km.

That shouldn’t be the end to extending the Flaeming-Skate though. We already want to connect the town of Dahme to the Flaeming-Skate with a circuit in the coming year. In addition, the section from Wahlsdorf to Prensdorf should be constructed*. Then, by 2013 at the latest, we want to divide the southern RK6 circuit once more, building a track from Schlenzer to Reinsdorf*. These outstanding track sections will further enhance individual route options.

However, progress is also due to be made in the Jüterbog Skate Arena. Here, we want to widen its appeal by offering new activities such as roller skiing. We are also counting on carrying out a project to build a shooting range* for biathlon sports runners, inline skaters and roller skiers.

Frequent visitors to the Flaeming-Skate will notice that the range of restaurants and accommodation on offer is getting wider and wider, and this is bound to carry on over the coming years.

There is still hope that Jüterbog will complete the town circuit in the foreseeable future. From the Flaeming-Skate past the station into the town centre and then through the gardens back onto the Flaeming-Skate – a dream which can be achieved.

* The completion of these plans depends on the availability of funds. The allocation of grant finance is currently being discussed with the appropriate ministry. We will inform you further, as soon as more details are available.