The “Friends of the Flaeming-Skate e.V.” association was founded on 17 March 2004. Since then it has developed into an interest group with about 50 members. The group is made up mostly of local tradespeople from towns and villages around the Flaeming-Skate, but local parishes and private individuals are also members. Through their membership they contribute to increasing the Flaeming-Skate’s appeal, improving what’s on offer to visitors and promoting the use of existing sports facilities.
executive committee members f the Friends of the Flaeming-Skate e. V. | Foto: Förderverein Flaeming-Skate e. V. The executive committee members of the Friends of the Flaeming-Skate e. V.: Guido Graubner, Edeltraud Liese, Ralf Lüdemann, Helmut Marzfke, Alexandra von Lochow, Dennis Rothe, Erik Scheidler (v. l. n. r.)

Promoting sport in the skating region

The members of the Friends of the Flaeming-Skate support in-line skaters from the region in sports events at home and abroad through financial contributions and organisational aid. At major sports events, e.g. in the Jüterbog Skate Arena, members of the association take over the supply of goods and services, ensuring through their support that the event goes without a hitch. These activities are carried out in close cooperation with the sports club Sportverein Flaeming-Skate e.V. and the operating company SWFG mbH.


The accommodation, restaurant and service businesses affiliated with the association realise the importance of networking their services. Visitors to the skating region receive further information and recommendations for other service providers. There is also a catalogue of association members for visitors, including profiles of their services.

Attracting visitors to the skating region

The association supports presentations at tourism exhibitions and sports events in order to call the attention of more amateur sportspeople to the skating region’s unique potential. Presentational films about the region have been conceived and produced through the significant support of the association.

A further initiative of the association ties in with the connection many visitors have with the skating region: Hundreds of stickers and badges with the Flaeming-Skate logo and the slogan “I’ve been there!” have been on sale since 2007, thereby financing further campaigns by the association.

Helping to maintenain the tracks

Since summer 2010 a growing network of volunteers has been taking care of the rest areas alongside the Flaeming-Skate. Association members took over the cleaning and maintenance of several rest areas thus helping to make the skating region more attractive to visitors. Besides, it allows the district administration in charge of maintaining the rest areas to put their resources into the further development and construction of new tracks. Hopefully, more local tradespeople will join this network.


If you are interested in joining the Friends of the Flaeming-Skate e. V., you can download a membership application here. Members wishing to support the association through financial or material donations are also very much welcome.

You can download the membership application form as well as the association’s statutes as *.pdf files here:


The association has set up an account for donations. Donations directly benefit the Flaeming-Skate project, promoting sport for children and teenagers, helping organise events or even building new sections of the path. +

The details for your donations are:



Account number: 363 300 6000
Bank: Mittelbrandenburgischen Sparkasse Potsdam,
160 500 00.


Executive commitee:

Helmut Marufke (Vorsitzender), Flaeming Camping Oehna

Edeltraut Liese, head of the Niedergörsdorf business group


Ralf Lüdemann, Camping "Flaeming-Rast"


Ferdinand von Lochow, Skatehotel Petkus

Guido Graubner, Hotel "Märkischer Hof", Luckenwalde