The bicycle circuit


Easy to difficult


Uphill and downhill slopes near Ließen, Petkus, Wahlsdorf.
Outside if the Flaeming-Skate track and crossing the villages alongside S4 (Holbeck-Friedrichshof)the trail is not covered with asphalt.

Towns and villages connected by the path

Stülpe, Lynow, Schöbendorf, Paplitz, Baruth, Klein Ziescht, Klasdorf, Glashütte, Friedrichshof, Prierow, Golßen, Sagritz, Krossen, Falkenhain, Wildau-Wentdorf, Görsdorf, Buckow, Liepe, Wahlsdorf, Petkus, Ließen

Places of interest

Stülpe Manor and park, Stülpe church with baroque interior, Oscar Barnack Museum in Lynow (inventor of the Leica camera), St. Sebastian church, Baruth Manor and Park, Johannismühle Wildlife Park, Baruth Glashütte museum village, water mill at Wildau-Wentdorf, windmill at Wahlsdorf

Sports and adventure parks

Baruth Glashütte museum village

Tropical Islands (distance ca. 17 km)


Dahme/Mark and Wahlsdorf open air pools

Interlinking cycle paths suitable for skating (2 m wide)

S4 and S5 to Friedrichshof (part of new bicycle circuit RK 8(clink to cucumber cycle path)

S13 to Prensdorf (part of circuits RK and RK 8)

Recommended car parks


at the open air pool


at the sports ground


at the restaurant „Zum kühlen Grunde“

Rail connections

Klasdorf-GlashütteVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)
Follow the cycle path in the direction of Baruth or Glashütte (opposite direction)

Baruth/MarkVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)
Follow the road in the direction of the town centre/roundabout (Baruth station is only recommended for cyclists)

DrahnsdorfVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)

4 km from here to Wildau-Wentdorf
Follow the main street through the village in the direction of Dahme/Mark, on leaving the village a cobbled road branches off to the left towards Wildau-Wentdorf (follow the signpost "Dammühle").

Circuit 8

The tracks of Flaeming-Skate and Dahme-Radweg (Dahme cycle path) add up to a 83 km circuit which leads through a charming landscape. Make a stop at Baruth Glashütte – a listed museum village of gaffers - or at Johannismühle Wildlife Park!

Track data

83,7 km
2-3 m