The Dahme circuit - opening April, 2012


Easy to difficult


Hills near Buckow in direction to Dahme/Mark, open landscape, long tracks through forest

Towns and villages connected by the path

Wahlsdorf, Liepe, Buckow, Görsdorf, Prensdorf, Dahme/Mark, Niendorf, Ihlow, Hohenseefeld, Niebendorf-Heinsdorf

Places of interest

Wind mill Wahlsdorf, the medieval town centre, castle ruins and animal park in Dahme/Mark, the two-towered stone church at Ihlow


Wahlsdorf and Dahme/Mark open air pools

Interlinking cycle paths suitable for skating (2 m wide)

S6 (part of RK 7)
S7 Dahme - Wildau-Wentdorf (part of RK 7)
S8 Dahme - Körbaer Teich
S13 Wahlsdorf - Prensdorf (part of RK 7)
Dahme/Mark to Kemlitz via Rosenthal

Recommended car parks

Hohenseefeld in the village


at the restaurant Heinsdorf


at the open air pool

Dahme/Mark at the "sportworld"

Rail connections

DrahnsdorfVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)

4 km from here to Wildau-Wentdorf
Follow the main street through the village in the direction of Dahme/Mark, on leaving the village a cobbled road branches off to the left towards Wildau-Wentdorf (follow the signpost Dammühle").

Circuit RK 7

A new circuit (almost 40 km long, 2 m wide) was born after connecting Wahlsdorf to Prensdorf. In Dahme, a disabled-friendly town circuit runs very close to the city centre.

Track data

39,1 km
2-3 m