Napoleon was here!

Map S10




The S10 Dennewitz-Rohrbeck is a 2.6 km long section of the Flaeming-Skate.

Towns and villages connected by the path

Jüterbog, Rohrbeck, Dennewitz

Places of interest

Monuments to the Napoleonic wars in Dennewitz, local history museum with a diorama of the battle of 1813, Wedding Mill at Dennewitz, village churches of Dennewitz and Rohrbeck


Jüterbog open air pool

Recommended car parks

At the open air pool in Jüterbog

Rail Connections

JüterbogVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)
from there via the RK 1 on to Dennewitz - follow the signposting or use the Map: Footpath to starting point Bülowstraße/corner of Tauentzienstraße


A comparatively short section passes through an area of great history.


Park your car e.g. at the open air pool in Jüterbog and set off to the well-preserved village churches of Rohrbeck and Dennewitz. It’s worth discovering the traces of the Napoleonic wars of 1813. Monuments, a museum and even a mural in a guesthouse remind us of the time when Prussia and Saxony fought together against Napoleon’s foreign rule. The museum doesn’t have set opening times, but you can fetch a key from Frau Liese at the “Gasthof zum Grafen Bülow” guesthouse in Dennewitz.


From Dennewitz you can follow the RK 1 northwards (back to Jüterbog) or southwards.

Track data

5,5 km
2 m