Circuit RK 4

Map circuit RK 4


Easy to difficult


Uphill and downhill slopes between access to the RK 1 and Oehna as well as at the monument hill in Niedergörsdorf

Towns and villages connected by the path

Werder, Markendorf, Fröhden, Hohengörsdorf, Bochow, Oehna, Dennewitz, Niedergörsdorf, Jüterbog, Kloster Zinna

Places of interest

Grounds of the Cistercian monastery with St Mary's church and show distillery, Kloster Zinna Weaving Museum, monuments to the Napoleonic wars in Dennewitz, Dennewitz Wedding Barn, historical old town of Jüterbog.

Sports and adventure parks

Skate Arena


Open air swimming pools in Oehna and Jüterbog

Interlinking cycle paths suitable for skating (2 m wide)

Hohengörsdorf - Jüterbog; Jüterbog - Rohrbeck - Dennewitz; Jüterbog - Kloster Zinna

Recommended car parks


 entry road


 swimming pool


 Skate Arena

Rail connections

JüterbogVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)

Follow the signposting or use the
Map: Footpath to starting point Bülowstraße/corner of Tauentzienstraße

OehnaVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)

Follow the signposting

Circuit RK 4 – the marathon track

Are you training for a skating marathon or do you like to be out on your bike for longer stretches? Then you must get to know the RK 4! At around 45 kilometres long, it provides you with sporting challenges and sights worth seeing. You'll definitely enjoy the view from Werder to Jüterbog or the vista from Fröhden to Hohengörsdorf...


Skate from Jüterbog through the idyllic Flaeming villages, exercising your stamina and skill! Take a break to stop at the monuments to the Napoleonic wars around Dennewitz or at the region's former military estates. Refresh yourself in the open air swimming pools of Oehna and Jüterbog, or sample some history in Kloster Zinna.


You could make your finishing line the Jüterbog Skate Arena – Germany's most attractive speed skating track.

Track data

43,025 km
3 m