Circuit RK 3

Map circuit RK 3




Uphill and downhill slopes between Neuheim and Jüterbog

Town and villages connected by the path

Kloster Zinna, Grüna, Neuheim, Jüterbog

Places of interest

Ground of the Cistercian monastery with St Mary's church and show destillery. Kloster Zinna Weaving Museum, historical old town of Jüterbog


Open air pool in Jüterbog

Interlinking cycle paths suitable for skating (2 m wide)

Jüterbog - Kloster Zinna

Recommended car parks

Kloster Zinna

 Weaving museum and at the monastery


 Skate Arena

Rail connections

JüterbogVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)

Follow the signposting or use the
Map: Footpath to Bülowstraße/Tauentzienstraße starting point

Circuit RK 3 – Skating through time

Are you looking for countryside and culture? Would you like to skate leisurely through fields and woods or are you a speed skater, looking for a bit of a sporting challenge? Then there's nothing like the RK 3! With around eleven kilometres in length and only a small incline towards the Jüterbog Skate Arena, it's suitable for beginners and easily manageable. Begin your tour for example in Jüterbog – of course, not without having taken a picture of the historical old town and its various medieval treasures. Skate or cycle via Neuheim and Grüna to Kloster Zinna and stroll around in the footsteps of the Cistercian monks. Taste a sample of “Zinnaer Klosterbruder“ in the show distillery of the monastery and visit the town's weaving museum. Back in Jüterbog, shift into top gear in the Skate Arena!


Track data

11,046 km
3 m