S4 Holbeck - Baruth - Friedrichshof

Map S4




The S4 Holbeck to Baruth is a 15.055 km section of the Flaeming-Skate. Not all paths have been completed, so skaters and cyclists have to move onto the road at times.

Towns and villages connected by the path

Holbeck, Stülpe, Lynow, Schöbendorf, Paplitz, Baruth, Klein Ziescht, Klasdorf, Glashütte, Friedrichshof

Places of interest

Stülpe Manor and Park, Stülpe church with baroque interior, Oscar Barnack Museum in Lynow (inventor of the Leica camera), St. Sebastian church, Baruth Manor and Park, Johannismühle Wildlife Park, Baruth Glashütte museum village.


Holbeck Lake (unofficial bathing area, untested water), natural bathing pond in Glashütte museum village

Interlinking cycle paths suitable for skating (2 m wide)

Friedrichshof – Wildau-Wentdorf

Recommended car parks

Holbeck, Glashütte

Rail connections

Klasdorf-GlashütteVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)

Follow the cycle path in the direction of Baruth or Glashütte (opposite direction)


Baruth/MarkVBB fahrinfo - Link (mit Vorbelegung)

Follow the road in the direction of the town centre/roundabout (Baruth station is only recommended for cyclists)


Exiting Holbeck, at 11.15 kilometres, leave the RK 1 and carry on along the S4. The path is 2 metres wide, well tarmacked and follows the country road to Baruth. Enjoy gliding through the predominantly wooded landscape! A stone's throw from the trail you'll find the seemingly enchanted Stülpe Manor – as if out of Sleeping Beauty.


Moving on in the direction of Baruth you come into Lynow. Here you really should take a look at the Oscar Barnack Museum, commemorating the inventor of the Leica camera. Unfortunately, the roads through Lynow and Schöbendorf don't have footpaths or cycle paths. Please skate or cycle on carefully using the road.


Passing on through Paplitz you reach Baruth. There is a break in the skating path at the entrance to the town. Skate on along the footpath up to a roundabout. If you now turn left, you'll get to the town centre. The 14th century church of St Sebastian is particularly worth seeing. Take off your skates and go exploring! In a somewhat overgrown English landscape garden, which blends harmoniously into the Baruth glacial valley, you'll find the partially restored Baruth Manor. It's only a few steps from here to the railway station.


However, you can follow the path on further to Glashütte and Friedrichshof. At the roundabout, go along the B96 to the Klein Ziescht junction, crossing the railway lines. From here it is only 3.5 km to the Baruth Glashütte museum village.


This village, which has hardly changed since the 18th century, lies idyllically in the forest. There are numerous things to do here: you can simply stroll around or you can also find out about the village's history of glass making. Look over the shoulders of the glassmakers, glassblowers, the “herb fairy” or the potters! Taste bread and cakes baked in the village oven! You can also hire bikes or skates here. Freshen up with a dip in the bathing pond, next to the Old Schoolhouse.


From Glashütte you can now follow the path to its end in Friedrichshof, in the neighbouring district of Dahme-Spreewald.


A detour to Johannismühle Wildlife Park is particularly recommended for families. Coming from Baruth, pass the turn off to Klein Ziescht on the left and follow the cycle path to Klasdorf railwaystation. The road to the Wildlife Park branches off to the right. Here you can observe local species of wild animals, wolves and bears amongst diverse woodland and meadow scenery! One of the trails around the park is suitable for wheelchairs.

Track data

22 km
2 m