We're getting the region moving and take care for your safety

Teltow-Fläming District Council


Staff are responsible for planning, surveying and building the Flaeming-Skate circuit and the extension of the network. Thwey also take care for traffic, health, safety and environment in the Flaeming-Skate region. 

So that fun doesn't go overboard

Police, Teltow-Fläming


The police want to prevent accidents more effectively. They call upon civilians to work with them and to share in making the Flaeming-Skate safe. The police are pleased to answer any questions regarding accident prevention.

Education is half the battle

State Education Authority Wünsdorf


The State Education Authority is in charge of publicly and privately run schools in its area. It advises schools on educational and organisational matters. Road safety education is an integral part of environmental education. Emphasis should be placed here on environmental mobility. During lessons and workshops, schoolchildren are familiarised with the topic of bicycle safety and how to skate safely, among other subjects. Schools pass on the important message of "Safety on the Flaeming-Skate".

To avoid blood being spilled

German Red Cross- Fläming-Spreewald Section


A traffic accident with people injured on a country road, a child who has fallen badly whilst cycling, a skater who braked too late ... These are typical callout situations for the emergency services. Qualified personnel and the necessary equipment for the given situation are sent out via the emergency control centre. The German Red Cross also offers comprehensive first-aid courses and trains skate-medics and bike-medics who work as volunteer first aiders, out and about along the Flaeming-Skate.

Before it's too late

German Road Safety Organisation Teltow-Fläming


The German Road Safety Organisation makes being mobile safer for all road users. Our organisation is based on mobility. The increasing flow of traffic and limited traffic zones demand cooperative behaviour from all road users. This is where the work of the Road Safety Organisation comes in, improving the safety of all traffic participants by giving talks, educational campaigns, programmes for target groups and information through the media.