Even on circuits especially built for cyclists and in-line skaters, not all hazards can be eliminated, due to topography or the location of buildings.
For example, there are steep inclines around Petkus. In other places, winding sections through the woods demand particular skating ability. Crossing streets and paths can also become a problem, if you don’t pay attention to the traffic.
Ließener Berg | Foto: Pressestelle TF It looks so harmless from the start - the hill from Petkus to Ließen. Skates rapidly gather speed here.
Strohballenbremse | Foto: Pressestelle TF The sudden bend from right to left at the end has already sent some skaters flying into straw bales.

Warning notices

Warning notice at memorial hill (Denkmalsberg) Niedergörsdorf | Foto: Pressestelle TF

Please also pay attention to the warning notices on or next to the track. You should bear in mind though, that was seems too easy for one person can be beyond someone else’s ability.


Therefore, local conditions should not be underestimated and you should always wear complete protective gear (helmet!).


Learn more about the symbols and signs along the track:

Symbols and signs

Don't forget that some few sections of the Flaeming-Skate track are free for use of both skaters/cyclists and agricultural machines. Use particular caution and consideration.