Do you have to pay to use the Flaeming-Skate?

The Flaeming-Skate can be used free of charge by all visitors.

Can cyclists use the skate path?

Yes, however, as with all visitors, they should use it with due care and attention.

Are races or competition events held on the Flaeming-Skate?

No, as the track width of 2 to 3 metres does not conform to the competition regulations standard minimum width of 5 metres.

Can you go Nordic walking or Nordic skating on the Flaeming-Skate?

The Flaeming-Skate is a public space for the use of skaters, cyclists and pedestrians. This also includes Nordic walkers or roller skiers. In order to avoid injuring others with their sticks whilst on the move, followers of such kinds of sport should look ahead and show due care and attention. Please protect the smooth asphalt by using rubber tips on the ends of sticks.

What about cross-country skiing on the Flaeming-Skate in winter?

Depending on the snow conditions, of course you can go cross-country skiing on all Flaeming-Skate. Be aware, that some parts of the track are partially cleaned from snow and ice in order to guarantee a safe way to school. Nevertheless, in this case the Teltow-Flaeming District Administration tries to keep the track covered by snow on a width of 1 metre.


If there is enough snow you can use specially prepared cross-country ski runs on the Flaeming-Skate:


  • between Skate-Arena und road B 101 (ca. 500 m)
  • from B 101 direction Werder, Markendorf, Fröhden and Schlenzer up to Wahlsdorf
  • between Werder and Kolzenburg
  • from Fröhden to Bochow.

Are there toilets along the skate path?

At present there aren’t any toilets along the path. However, some kind restaurant owners along the Flaeming-Skate allow ’desperate’ skaters passing by to use their toilets. When only using toilet facilities, it’s customary to leave a small payment. It is hoped that local authorities will build toilets at starting points.


There are toilets with access for the disabled near the track at the Council House in Luckenwalde (open during office hours), as well as at the zoo, not far from the starting point of Lückegarten (beware, the last 50 metres are not paved and can be bumpy), and at the cultural centre ‘Das Haus’ in Altes Lager near Niedergörsdorf (access via a ramp).

Details see:

Does the track get cleaned?

The skating track is regularly cleaned by the district maintenance department. During the high season the circuits and adjacent areas are cleared of dirt approximately twice a week. In winter the service is limited to clearing snow from paths which are used by schoolchildren, i.e. the Stülpe-Jänickendorf-Luckenwalde, Luckenwalde-Kolzenburg and Kloster Zinna-Jüterbog sections of the RK1 and RK2, as well as the Neuheim-Jüterbog section of the RK3. It’s only to be expected that the track may get dirty under certain weather conditions – after all, you are in the countryside. In particular, after rainfall or strong winds, leaves or branches may be left lying on the track. Please look ahead when using the track. Should problems occur, please call the district maintenance department on one of the following numbers:


(0 33 71) 40 51 84 - Mon-Fri, during local government office hours

(01 75) 18 73 281 - Mon-Sat, 8am to 6 pm


This also applies to illegal use, e.g. by cars or motorbikes. Please make a note of the number plate and report it.

Where can I get more information about Teltow-Fläming?

On the Internet via: