Every year, around 60,000 skaters injure themselves so badly, that they have to see a doctor. The reason for this, alongside overestimating your own ability and insufficient training, is often missing protective gear. Therefore, nobody should set off along the Flaeming-Skate® without complete protective gear. Please remember that you are also setting an example for children!


Only a helmet can protect your head effectively if you fall backwards. This doesn’t only apply to children and beginners – professionals should also be aware of the danger of head injuries. An unlucky fall, e.g. caused by another, unstable skater, can happen quickly. Therefore: Don’t go onto the track without a properly fitting helmet! As well as special skating helmets, you can also use cycle helmets. However, they must be round, as ‘droplet’ formed ones, which are shaped into a point at the back, can put too much strain on the cervical (neck) vertebrae in the case.

Elbow pads

Elbow pads protect you above all from a backwards fall. Good pads have a sock, which is pulled over the arm and then fixed with two Velcro fasteners. Whoever uses pads without a sock runs the risk of the pad slipping on impact and losing its protectiveness.

Wrist pads

Wrist pads are some of the most important pieces of equipment, as you mostly put out your hand to protect yourself from a fall. They wear out quickly and should be replaced whenever necessary. Wrist pads which only protect the most important parts (the heel of the hand), thereby leaving the arms free, are the most comfortable to wear and allow your wrist to move freely.

Knee pads

Knee pads protect you from forward falls and cushion the impact. They should therefore fit firmly, without constriction and be well padded, at the same time ensuring unrestricted mobility.