Look ahead whilst skating, brake in good time and control any falls

What do skiing, windsurfing and tennis have in common? Around 90% of all beginners do a course or take individual lessons. However, in-line skaters usually set off without such preparation.
Perhaps they believe that their childhood experience of roller skates or ice skates is enough to get the hang of in-line skates. Nearly every beginner soon learns the painful lesson that it just doesn't work without learning the necessary techniques for skating, braking and falling.
It's a good idea to take part in an in-line skating course, so that you can master even the more challenging sections of the Flaeming-Skate.

Take the opportunities!

It's not only the larger organizations like the ADAC and DRIV who offer skating courses. There are also numerous possibilities around the Flaeming-Skate. The first points of contact here are the Brandenburgische Sportjugend and the SV Flaeming-Skate.
The Volkshochschule Luckenwalde (Luckenwalde Adult Education Centre) also offers courses for all ages during the holidays. You can find information about these and other courses in our data base "Service".