Awarding authority: Teltow-Fläming District Administration
Landkreis Teltow-Fläming
Operator: Struktur- und Wirtschaftsförderungsgsellschaft des Landkreises Teltow-Fläming mbH, Abteilung Flaeming-Skate

Length of circuits and sections

Current total length ca. 230 km

RK 1 (large circuit)

94,592 km

RK 2 (Luckenwalde/Kolzenburge circuit)

12,047 km

RK 3 (Jüterbog circuit)

11,046 km

RK 4 (marathon circuit)

43,025 km

RK 5

50,550 km

RK 6

48,620 km

RK 7

39,1 km

RK 8

83,7 km

S 1 (from RK 1 at km 1,902/
Luckenwalde to car park Elsthal Luckenwalde)

0,471 km

S 2 (from RK 1 at km 4,360 to the steps of Luckenwalde waterworks)

1,240 km

S 3 (from RK 1 at km 8,863/Luckenwalde to Gottow)

4,240 km

S 4 (from RK 1 at km 11,15/Holbeck to Baruth)

15,055 km

S5 (Baruth to Friedrichshof)

10,030 km

S 6 (from RK 1 at km 37,550/Hohenseefeld to Dahme)

10,600 km

S 7 (Dahme to Wildau-Wentdorf)

12,005 km

S8 (Dahme to Körbaer Teich)

4,675 km

S 9 (from RK 1 at km 65,200/Abzweig Gölsdorf to Naundorf)

9,730 km

S 10 (from RK 1 at km 67,900/Dennewitz to Rohrbeck)

2,620 km

S 11 (from RK 1 at km 71,328/Jüterbog to Altes Lager)

4,353 km

S 13 (Wahlsdorf-Prensdorf) 13,7 km

Other data


2 m (cycle paths S 1 bis 4, S 6, S7, S 9, S 11, S13)
and 3 m (skating and cycle paths, RK 1-6)

Rest areas:

52, 14 of which have a refuge hut

Towns and villages connected by path: 52

Planning, construction, maintenance

Beginning of construction:


Entering service:

In sections upon completion from 11/1999

Construction costs:

ca. 20 Mio EUR

Costs of maintenance and repair per year:

1.3 Mio EUR


Double layer of asphalt on top of gravel


Asphalt, 0/5 grade surface graining

Planner: Bidding Consortium Cycle/Skating Paths Niederer Fläming- Baruther Urstromtal
Implementation: Service-Agentur Teltow-Fläming/Landkreis TF
Number of landowners involved: c. 1500 (building permission, obtaining of the land after construction)
Maintained or newly created jobs: c. 200 (est.)
(As a comparison: the locating of a workplace costs c. 500,000 Euros)


Number of users:

c. 1.5 Mio/year (estimated)

Types of use:

Inline skating, cycling (accessable also for ski rollers, skikes, handcycles, rollfiets, wheelchairs...)

User fee: 


Touristic infrastructure


Open-air pools Luckenwalde, Oehna, Wahlsdorf, Jüterbog,
Fläming-Therme Luckenwalde swimming pool

Camp sites, caravan park:

Fläming-Camping Oehna,
Fläming-Rast Körbitz,
restaurant and guest house Miething Gölsdorf


Skate-Arena Jüterbog,
Skate-Point der Brandenburgischen Sportjugend, Kolzenburg

Horse riding:

Erlebnishof Werder
Konsolke's restaurant & guest house Felgentreu

Theater, concert:

City theater Luckenwalde
Cultural center DAS HAUS, Altes Lager
Cultural quarter Mönchenkloster, Jüterbog


Union Filmtheater Luckenwalde

Museums (examples):

local museum Luckenwalde
monastery museum Kloster Zinna
city museum at cultural quarter Mönchenkloster, Jüterbog
museum village Baruther Glashütte