By car

There are many ways to get to the Flaeming-Skate by car. Three motorways and five national trunk roads cross Teltow-Fläming or run close by. The quickest ways to get there (access points in bold letters):

Motorway junctions

Infotafel Autobahn | Foto: Pressestelle TF Infotafeln an der Autobahn weisen darauf hin:
Auf dem Parkplatz | Foto: Pressestelle TF Die nächste Abfahrt führt zur Flaeming-Skate.

A 9 (north or south)

Take the Brück exit, then carry on along the B102 to Jüterbog or on the B2 to Luckenwalde.

A 10 (north)

Take the Ludwigsfelde Ost exit, then carry on along the B101 to Luckenwalde and Jüterbog.

A 113/A 13 (north or south)

Take the Baruth/Mark exit, then carry on along the B115 via Petkus to Jüterbog or the L73 to Luckenwalde.

National trunk roads

Infotafel an der Bundesstraße | Foto: Pressestelle TF Grüne Tafeln an den Bundesstraßen markieren die Skate-Region Fläming.
Wegweiswer zum Infopunkt | Foto: Pressestelle TF Ebenfalls grüne Wegweiser führen zu den Infopunkten an der Fläming-Skate.

B 96 (north or southeast)

Berlin - Baruth - Golßen - Luckau to Baruth, then carry on along the B115 via Petkus to Jüterbog or the L73 to Luckenwalde

B 101 (north or south)

Berlin - Trebbin - Luckenwalde - Jüterbog - Herzberg; Access also possible in Kolzenburg, Kloster Zinna and Welsickendorf.

B 102 (northwest and southeast)

Treuenbrietzen - Jüterbog - Dahme - Luckau; Access also possible in Altes Lager and Hohenseefeld.

Car parks

There are car parks designated for the Flaeming-Skate in many towns and villages. Here are the ones we recommend:



Am Nuthefließ multi-storey car park

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entry road

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open air swimming pool

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restaurant "Zum Anger", Heinsdorf

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open air swimming pool

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sports ground

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restaurant „Zum kühlen Grunde“

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restaurant „Zu den Eichen“

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Kloster Zinna

weaving museum

exit road direction Grüna

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